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Korean Tiger Martial Arts | Tae Kwon Do

8633 N Beach St, Fort Worth, TX 76244

1 (682) 557-8740

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Ages 5-6

Little Tigers

From an early age, we teach students discipline and help develop positive characters including focus, confidence and perseverance. We also bring fun into learning martial arts while students grow stronger physically and mentally.

Ages 7-12


Our Kids Program promotes persistent discipline and training to Bring a lifetime of success. With trust and continual encouragement, instructors and parents alike will start to see a dramatic difference in students.

Ages 5-12

sparring class

Students can expect to earn one of the most effective and exceptional sparring curriculums here with highly experienced instructors. Students are able to learn additional kicking, steps and blocking techniques associated with Tae Kwon Do.

Ages 13+

Teens & Adults

Teen & Adult classes are full of dynamics, variety and thrill. Every class is a complete work-out designed to improve defense-skills, flexibility and strength. From adults with little or no experience to those with years of training, this program is designed to train students at all levels.

Ages 8+

Tournament Team

KTMA is the home of the many gold medalists at National, State, and Local Championships. Students are trained by the best to compete in Olympic Taekwondo Sparring. For those students preparing for this challenge, this program will surely bring a new experience to all.

All Ages

Black belt

Our Masters are licensed and certified under Kukkiwon World and Taekwondo Headquater and World Hapkido Association.This Program is an advanced martial arts training which includes demonstration. Specialty kicking, self-defense, leadership training and much more.